Saturday, June 16, 2012


Amarys and I went to visit my sister Meg, her husband Casey, and my NEW NEPHEW Oliver this week!!  My last post was done just before we left on our trip and we just got back last night.  Brent stayed behind for three whole days with three whole boys all by himself.  And he didn't even die.
Wednesday evening Meg and Oliver picked us up at the ferry and I tried really hard not to SQUEEEEE to hard in the big crowd of people surrounding us but it was nearly impossible.  Oliver is SO CUTE and SO SQUISHY and SO LITTLE and he smells SO GOOD and he's ALL MINE!  Well I guess he's not really all mine but I could easily tuck him under my arm and 'forget' to give him back.  This is the first time I've ever had a sister have a baby.  It's pretty cool.  =)  

That evening we had dinner and got caught up a bit, and Amarys got all sweet and curious and very gentle with her little cousin...

I brought over a huge suitcase full of baby clothes size 0-6 months for Oliver, because people were very generous when we had babies, and I have this thing about the kids' clothes.  I'm not a hoarder but I could easily hoard every item of clothing they ever wear.  So I've been saving clothes for years because we kept having more babies, and now that we are done I totally want the clothes to go to someone in our family who can use them and love them as much as I do.

This outfit I bought for Riley.  It's a really sweet, expensive Mexx sleeper in blue, white, and grey stripes that I splurged on to help me get my mind around another boy  =)  I got a big kick out of seeing it on Oliver... Speaking of Oliver, aren't his lips SO KISSABLE?!

He was lying on the blanket and I got some really cute shots of him checking us out.  He loves tummy time, doesn't complain when he poops or farts, eats like a champion, and likes to observe quietly.  For hours.  Wowee.  He's the coolest thing EVER.

 I slept at my cousin Sara's place at night so I could give Meg some space from having constant guests, and so I could visit with Sara, too.  It was the perfect arrangement because I could visit with everyone and still have some down time.  Wednesday evening I hung out with Sara and Leigh, and Thursday after work Sara met me and Meg for lunch.  Oliver spent our restaurant lunch outing on Megan's lap, not making a peep.  Since Meg is tall, her legs are parallel with the floor when she sits, so he rested there comfortably and nobody even knew he was there until after lunch when he came out for auntie cuddles.  (Everyone, however, knew that Amarys was in the restaurant.  She's loud and active and once nearly fell out of her chair backwards).

Thursday evening I had dinner at Meg and Casey's place and then went back to Sara's for girl's night.  Jeepers, I need to organize girl's night more often at my house, especially when Brent works nights~I could have all kinds of brie and chocolate and wine and friend type of parties!!  What am I thinking!!  =)  This could be the start of something awesome.  It was a small girl's night with me, Sara, Kelsey, and two girl babies (Amarys and Kaitlyn, who is 4 months old and ALSO the youngest of four and ALSO the only girl in her family.  And ALSO quite a vocal baby), but it was really awesome.  Poor Meg is too closely postpartum to feel up to girl's night.  She's tuckered out and Oliver doesn't really sleep at night.  Typically, he sleeps in the daytime =)

Friday we visited Meg again and Casey was home from work so he showed me around his porch garden and we talked vegetables for a bit.  It was cool to get his perspective because he's been growing different vegetables than me but has similar ideas so we swapped experiences.  He spent a good portion of the morning picking squishy green caterpillars off his kale.  Yum.  Nothing like organic produce to give you a good boost of protein.  =P  We also talked about Island life and where they would like to settle down (Fernie, most likely, which I've never been to but sounds lovely except for the bit about it being a 12 hour drive from my house).
Amarys had emotionally bottomed out by this point; Thursday evening she went all vampire on me and scratched Oliver while I was holding him (jealousy...).  When I reminded her to be gentle and not to scratch, she looked at me square in the eye, wound up her arm, and smacked him on the back.  The little shit disturber.  I gave Oliver back to Meg (who was, fortunately, laughing rather than horrified), and took her hands in mine and talked about being gentle.  You can't do much with a 15 month old but I wanted to at least let her know that hitting babies isn't really done.
Friday at dinnertime Meg laid Oliver on the floor so we could eat, and Amarys took one look at him all sweet and vulnerable and bright eyed, walked over to him, and stomped on his foot.  I guess I should have added in our previous little talk that stomping on babies is frowned upon, also.
She was all dysregulated from being away from home and out of her routines.  But most of the visit she was really gentle with him and was VERY curious, and quite enthralled.  It was really sweet to see the nurturing side of her come out; she liked how soft and little he was, and spent quite a long time looking at him, and bending over to his eye level when he was on the floor.  I have lots more pictures I will share tomorrow.  The ones above were from my phone.

It was also really nice for me to get away from home with just one of my babies for a bit.  Although she's in a busy stage as far as kids go, it feels so easy to go from four down to one for three days.  It was SUPER nice to get away from the scads of housework I do every day and the monochromatic routine of breakfast til bedtime that our lives revolve around right now.  I read a bit.  I crocheted a bit.  And mostly, I just rested.  And cuddled that sweet baby nephew of mine.  It was ALL COLOURS AND KINDS OF AWESOME!


Louise Chapman said...

OH, that does sound so lovely (besides the part where Amarys stomped on Oliver:)! Yay for a break from the `wash, rinse, repeat' routine of day to day which I feel very much right now. It is so awesome to be able to see your nephew wearing your own kids clothes, I love being able to do the same thing!

nancy said...

Great newsey post! I feel caught up with both of my girls and 2 of my grand babies!