Saturday, May 19, 2012


Today was Ayden's friend birthday party.  Brent was working nights but Ayden really wanted his party at the movie theatre and tonight was the only date they had available so I roped Brent's mom into helping me and we took ten children to the movies by ourselves.  Two of those ten children have ADHD.  One is scared of movies.  One is three.  One is one.  Ten were insanely hyper. 
We pay for this?  Sheesh.

The kids all had a BLAST, and somewhat remarkably, we came up with pretty much exactly the amount of cash we needed for a party like this one.  And so my kid is happy.  And it was worthwhile, as a result. 

I'm beat.  More soon.

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melissa said...

You are one brave mama! Glad you pulled it off, and without any major trauma! Hopefully you got some much needed rest afterward.