Sunday, April 1, 2012


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We have been so busy lately I haven't had time to update recently on the kids, but I think I will bullet post the latest for each...

-I feel like he is growing up way too fast, every time I blink.  He has matured a ton this year.
-Best big brother ever.  Super kind, fun, thoughtful, empathetic, and reads to his siblings all the time
-Was tested at school for his reading level and the results show him reading at a grade 10 level.  He devours books.  His teacher has commented several times that "Ayden always gets the jokes no one else is mature enough to understand yet," when she reads aloud to the class.  He gets the double entendre and the subtle humour cues.
-Easily frightened.  Active imagination.  Gets nightmares easily.
-Sweet natured
-Serious.  Too serious.  He's like an old man sometimes.
-Approaching my height (which is no feat; I'm only 5'1", but Ayden will be the first of my children to be anywhere near tall enough to look up to)

Okay, maybe he's not serious all the time
gymnastics tricks

-Sigh.  Matthew.  You take so much energy.  You HAVE so much energy.  I think we need to change your name to Nuclear Reactor or something.  N.R. for short.
-Matthew has taken a break from being a bully!  *fistpump!* We have not gotten any phone calls from the school in awhile.  (Holds breath while knocking on wood)
-Matthew was tested on a myriad of intellectual modes/types of intelligence during the course of his learning disability testing with the school psychologist.  He scored low in areas typical of children with ADD (no surprise there), which with treatment should improve.  He scored high average intelligence in areas that are not generally affected by ADD (math skills, spatial acuity), and he scored very intelligent in one area involving fully nonverbal classification/abstract thinking skills.  Average is between 8 and 12 for his age group, and on the nonverbal abstract test he scored a 19.  Yes, that is nineteen.  Yikes!
We always knew he was smart.
-What good is smart when you are dead?  This kid is a hooligan.  =)  If we get him to adulthood alive, it will be a feat.
-The soccer season is finished, but Matthew has to be one of the most enthusiastic soccer players on the planet.  In fact, enthusiasm might be Matthew's middle name in general.  It is one of his best features.
-I took him to the doctor's office on Thursday for a pediatrician referral for a learning disability diagnosis.  During the appointment Matthew was a model citizen.  Quiet.  Subdued.  Sat still.  Obeyed instructions.  Answered questions appropriately.  WTF?  The doctor thinks we are nuts, now, because all she sees is a little boy who sat in the chair, quietly allowed her to examine him, and had some dirt on the knees of his pants.  "I don't think he has ADD," she says.  Yup, because kids all love to make liars out of us in public.  That's Matthew, doing his part.
We got home and I relayed the story to Brent and he laughed.  "She ought to come over now and tell us he's just an average boy!" As Matthew catapaults over the sofa doing a somersault in midair and somehow managing to knock over both brothers, his sister, and the teapot in one swift motion.
If you have met Matthew, you know what I'm talking about.  =)  He's all boy.  And plus just more.

Mr. Mischief

-Charmer.  Cute three year old sayings.  Like this one from last week;
"Mommy, I know how them gets milk inside womenses boobies.  Them pumps the milk out of dem cows, then puts it in a plastic cup, and then them pours it inside them boobies!  Yeah!"
-He has mad prereading skills.  Left to right, following text with his finger, pretending to sound out, recognizes about a third of the alphabet, loves to be read to.  He picks it all up by osmosis.
-Ferociously independant.  Riley thinks he is capable of things far beyond his scope.  Like crossing parking lots on his own, crossing the street on his own, or going to the park "All by mineself.  Yes, I can do it by  mineself and if you don't let me, I won't play with you ever again!"  Ah, toddler threats.  Face all contorted.  Angry as stink.
I guess he is not really a toddler anymore is he?  We registered him for preschool next year and he is SO EXCITED.  He regularly asks for preschool countdown.
-The other day I decided it was sunny enough to pull out the water table.  Riley was playing Wii, and the older boys were at the water park with their bikes.  That park is a good three blocks from our house and across a moderately busy street, but the big boys can handle that no problem.  It is too far for a three year old.
When I came in from dragging the water table out from underneath our deck, it was too quiet in the house.  And the front door was WIDE open.  I dashed out just in time to see Riley, boots and coat on, marching down the sidewalk towards the corner.  I called him back and it took lots of talking to get him to arrest his plan to meet up with the big boys at the water park.  I never did convince him it wasn't a good idea for a three year old to go so far, alone.  That's a heart stopper.  Sheesh!

-Claps and waves, now.  Goodnight and Goodbye are the same wave, which she generally saves for immediate family.
-She loves her milk.  She uses the "milk" sign to ask for it, and particularly wants milk when we arrive at an unfamiliar or uncomfortable destination.  I don't mind.  It makes her feel comfortable.
-She now says, "Thank you."  Which of course sounds like "Di Doo." The older three signed thank you before they learned to say it aloud, but Amarys skipped right to words.  All four of them have learned the words "thank you" the same way, however; inadvertantly, while helping unload the dishwasher.  My toddlers love unloading the dishwasher, and I'm sure this is pretty universal.  The silverware is the easiest to reach and grasp, so they generally go for the silverware and hand me one item at a time.  With each one, I say, "Thank you!" and by the end of a load, they are saying it back.  I didn't plan for this, it just happened, with all four, when they were ready.  It's kind of cute.
-She is finally, finally comfortable for short stints without being attached to me.  I don't mean I'm allowed to leave the house or even the room, but she will wander off to explore or get absorbed in a task (like the water table) for several minutes; like, double digit minutes!!!  This!! Is!! Amazing!!! News!!!!  I have been known to text Brent while he is working and I'm having a long day: "I'm so tired of Amarys.  So, so, very tired."  By this I generally mean her clingyness.  Sometimes, I just need to pee without a toddler ON MY LAP.  (Oh no, she is not content to come in the bathroom with me, she must SIT ON MY LAP).  Or to cook without being clawed, scratched, and bitten from the Ergo.  (Because oh, no, she is not content to be carried in the Ergo, she must BE ON MY FRONT, FACING MY FACE, AT AN EVER CHANGING AND VERY SPECIFIC ALTITUDE).  Obviously cooking with a one year old strapped to my FRONT is not a wise idea, with her grabby hands and her tendency to put her feet in and on everything she sees.  But now, ten!!  consecutive!!  minutes!!! she will explore and play in our house.  Sometimes.  If she is in a good mood and the brothers are around.  Or even ocassionally when they are not.
-She blows kisses
-She has mastered the stairs.
-She can flirt
-She has developed what we call The Eyebrows.  Which should really read more like The Eyebrows.  When she pulls out The Eyebrows, you know she means business.  She is MAD AT YOU (or her cereal, or the way her blanket is lying, or LIFE) and The Eyebrows are really a nonverbal way of calling you a fuckface.  It's pretty hilarious.  I cannot seem to capture them on film, because whenever I whip out the camera to do so, she does this:

I am so cute, I would never swear at you with my eyebrows...


Christine Powell said...

Im giggling at the eyebrows, and at Matthew being the model child in the doctors rooms... Ive been known to complain that Jesse *never* sleeps, but whenever anybody visits, thats all he seems to do... sigh.

I loved reading your update, your children are gorgeous.

Tonya said...

So if Matthew is Nuclear Reactor Enthusiasm, you could call him Nr. E. Or Nister E. Ha ha ha! (Actually sounds like Mystery, which might work too. Hmmm...) Your kids are all adorable!

melissa said...

"I am so cute, I would never swear at you with my eyebrows." You crack me up. It sounds like everyone is being their fabulous selves, and my goodness you and your husband make smart children!

Jen said...

This was such a pleasurable read. Loved it!