Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Saturday

Easter weekend here was sunny and hot!  It was so gorgeous, and an amazing conclusion to lent for me (I still haven't had my bacon cheeseburger, but the turkey dinner on Sunday was the best turkey EVER because of all the anticipation and fasting beforehand!), and for all of us.  This year was great.  The only thing missing on Friday/Saturday was Brent.  Minor.  =P

We had such a gorgeous weekend that I wanted to share it with you, and in order, which is why it has taken me a week to get around to posting these.  Man, it was the perfect weekend.  Sunny.  Warm.  Fun outings.  Good loooooong backyard hours of fun.  Family times.  Candy.  Prayer.  Joy.  Celebration.  Love.  Minimal yelling.  Maximum cute.

Saturday we started off at church for a young families easter breakfast, complete with easter egg hunt.  It took Amarys 1/234336565893rd of a nanosecond to figure out that there was CANDY in the eggs and that it was GOOD

How could anyone EVER say no to this face?

How to protect your candy from small sisters

Seriously, who gave this kid a voice enhancing toy?  Ayden had had enough of Matthew's amplified voice in his ear at this point, so he plugged the hole with a piece of candy

This particular car NEVER gets old; my nine year old still plays with it...and everyone below him, too

We had a sunny picnic on the back deck

Man, this toy never gets old, either.  Add a sprinkler: double your fun

Matthew's face says joie de vive

Ayden figured nana would like this one (she was a gymnast, too)   

She started the day fully dressed, I swear.  Well you saw it!  The easter breakfast was this same day!!  I'm so glad she can finally get some real vitamin D (not from a bottle) and clear up her chest once and for all

Vitamin D is good for me, too

Can't resist those cheeks

I spent some time weeding the garden and of course had a plethora of 'helpers'

Muddy face

Too... much... fun....


melissa said...

Minimum yelling. Maximum cute. I love it, and definitely concur with the cute assessment. Nudie Amarys is precious, and it's always nice to see your lovely face, too. Thank goodness for Vitamin D!

Caryn Ouwehand said...

Oh my good golly. I need a sunny day! Your munchkins are soooo cute! I love the nudey-patootie in the garden plot.

melissa v. said...

thank you!! It was the best weekend I've had in a long time (weekends can be loooooong if Brent is working, which he is 50% of the time!), and it makes life infinitely better if we can be OUTSIDE!! What a blessing.

The rain is back now, of course...

tamie marie said...

Okay, first of all, great photos. Second of all, I would like to prophesy and say that Riley is going to have the same issues as an adult that Nick has, which is to say he's going to be gorgeous and is going to have to figure out how to deal with it. Just a little prediction there.

I wish I was there to hang out with your kiddos. It just looks GOOD and I'm so glad for you.

nancy said...

OK, so what happened to my more cautious oldest grandson? And yes, I see nana's love of gymnastics coming through! Don't tell your brother, but dad thinks Amarys is the most beautiful female ever born (since you and your sister). And the photo of you , I love. Shows your beauty and your joy of life!
We ended up having a great Easter dinner with only oldies... your auntie Barb being the youngest present:)
Looking forward to seeing you soon. Dad is quite happy to keep Simon til chad finds him a home, if your lead falls through.

Jen said...

this post is PURE JOY. Loved it. Especially loved that gorgeous, radiant, close up of YOU. You're beautiful.