Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lent Update

All I can think about is bacon cheeseburgers.  I didn't know this would be this hard!  Or get HARDER as time goes on!!  Also, it is really hard to eat a diabetic diet and be vegetarian.

Looking forward to easter, y'all.

BUT I do find that every time I think about meat or the fact that I'm accomodating a diet change, it makes me mindful of God.  Which is the point.  Sometimes I pray just a snippit; "Hi!" or "Thank you!"  And other times a few sentences.  What I wanted was less of a dine and dash, and more of a conversation.  The talk might not be deep, but it is more frequently happening.  Good times!  I'm dreaming of the Blue Ribbon Cheeseburger at Red Robin pretty hard...

OMG uploading that photo is the meanest thing I've ever done to myself....

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