Saturday, March 24, 2012

Abolishing Anonymous

I realized today when Louise commented accidentally as anonymous and I gulped before I opened and read a comment from "Anonymous," that leaving comments open to any nameless one is too stressful for me.  This is way bigger of an issue with Mothers of Change than here; you guys are mostly my friends or friends of friends who are kind and say supportive things or challenge me with grace.  But anonymous?  S/he is usually pretty insulting.  I don't like to be insulted, so I think I will abolish anonymous from the comments here.  Sorry if this is a pain in the butt for anyone; let me know if you want it reinstated (and if your argument is compelling I will gladly do so)! 

Anonymous is double attacking me over on Mothers of Change these days.  Sigh.  S/he has not made an appearance here in oh, a long time.  And mostly been nice.  So like I say, NOT YOU!  And the change is not based on any real thing other than the fact that my dread when I see an emailed comment from anonymous is pretty big.

xo, y'all.

Also, I took the kids to White Rock Beach today with a friend and it was one of the most incredible days I have had in months.  It was amazing.  Props for good days!!!  WOOT!  And sunshine and warmth to boot.  I will post photos soon.

And Ayden asked me yesterday, "Mommy, what is a striptease?"  And this is a whole new realm of parenting I had not anticipated.  Quite yet.

Riley nearly disappeared on me the other day; he is getting a little TOO confident in himself, convinced he could walk to the park alone, meet me at home when we are out and he feels like leaving, and cross busy streets and walk around in parking lots ALL BY HIMSELF THANK YOU VERY MUCH.  Keeping these boys alive is a full time job, dewds.  The other day he chose to stay home while the big boys went to a park about five blocks away from our house.  About half an hour after they left, I went out in the backyard to get something and when I came back, the front door was open and Riley was nowhere to be found.  I discovered him marching down the sidewalk with his jacket and boots on, shocked and appalled when I called him back and told him that no, he could NOT go to the park to meet with his brothers all on his own and that he could NOT leave the house without discussing it with me first.  "Yes I CAN do it by myself and YOU CAN'T STOP ME!!"  Um, hello.  Who has 34 years experience on this earth, and who has a mere 3.52?  Yes, I am your mother.  You will obey me in this matter. 
Oh, he was heartbroken.  And I was in a panic at the nearly missed escapee.  Granted, he would have been fine, with his determination and stellar memory, but hello?  Three year old walking alone to the park.  That's so wildly vulnerable it's shakin bacon.
Guaranteed someone would have picked him up and either taken him home (stellar memory, remember?), or called the police, but mostly it just feels all shivery and gross.

Matthew is being surprisingly mature these days.

And Amarys ate dirt from my garden today.

Fun times!

...going to bed...very tired....two weeks/insomnia...ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............


Roboseyo said...

anonymous can be a real pain. Sometimes I like to imagine all anonymous commenters (anonymi?) are the same person: there's just one, and it's the world's hugest douche, gleefully posting asshat comments on the posts of stranger.

Louise Chapman said...

Sorry for the anonymous stress, my friend! I don't know why I wasn't signed in:) Yesterday was so beautiful...I was thinking how it must've been a good day for you as I was contemplating sunscreen for the kiddos! Come on, Spring!!

tamie marie said...

Tell us what you said when Ayden asked about the striptease!

Christine Powell said...

Commenter's hide behind anonymous to say the things they would never dare to say publicly. I disallowed anonymous comments on my blog too, I agree, not worth the anxiety :)

Rachel @ Lautaret Bohemiet said...

Anonymous is such an asshole, right? What are people thinking, being so cruel to others all the time, and doing it anonymously.

Once when I was a worship leader at this big mega-church in Portland, the head worship guy told me (very early on, thankfully) that NO MATTER WHAT, never respond to any anonymous comment and never give it a thought. This was in regards to "anonymous" complaining about the song selection, or the volume of the drums, or whatever, but it happens in blogs all the time.

It just shocks me that people's main motivation for not being cruel is simply that they don't want to get caught. But if they can comment in secret and hurt another person AND get away with it? Sweet!


(Stomach churning about Riley. Little dude! Yikes.)

Rachel @ Lautaret Bohemiet said...

I love the word "asshat". Ha!

Yeah, I'm with Tamie. How did you answer that?!