Sunday, January 15, 2012

Introducing Wild Arbutus

I have been attempting to open my own small business for several years now, selling my crochet items.  I've had several opportunities to snag tables at craft fairs but never seemed to be able to stockpile enough toys to actually enter.  It takes me several hours to make most of my favourite toys (the quicker, simpler ones are more boring to make) and anything less than an entire basket bursting full would be embarrassing and hard to make worth the cost of a table.  [I looked into a table at the local Cranberry Festival? $250.  Snort]

So instead, I opened an Etsy shop!  Check it out!!  Need toys for your kids, birthdays, baby showers, nieces and nephews, or for any reason, really?  I'm your man.  =)  Wild Arbutus on Etsy.  ♥


Tania Grim said...

WOOHOOOO so excited for you. I just started up a blog hoping it would hold me accountable for getting a shop started. Anyways congrats on the new business!!!!!

Asheya said...

Cool and so awesome! Love the name, too.