Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sleep, Sleep, Bab(ies), Sleep: The End of an Era

Six months is a normal age for some sleep disturbances.  So is three years old.  How about we take one three year old and add him to a six month old?  Well, we get one sleep deprived momma.

Amarys is a fabulous sleeper.  Was a fabulous sleeper.

[and OMG my dog's breath stinks and he's licking the floor.  Now my floor stinks.  Dogs are disgusting]

Anyways, for the past two weeks Amarys has been prone to being woken up at night anywhere from 1 to 4 a.m., and when she is woken (usually by the three year old), she stays up for one to two hours.  Yelling.  Not crying, not in a dirty diaper, not hot, cold, uncomfortable, or hungry.  Just bored.

Riley gets up in the night and wanders into our bed at some point, wanting to nurse for about half an hour and then toss and turn on one side of me while I contort myself around the baby trying to keep her from waking up on the other side of me.

Then, for some reason around the beginning of the school year, Ayden decided to start joining us every night, too.

For eight years we have had an "Open Bed Policy."  Infants sleep with us.  Toddlers and beyond start in their own beds and then are welcome to come to our bed if they need comforting at night.  But after a week or two of FIVE IN A BED and the little one said "I'm sleeping horizontal so although I'm the littlest I take up the most space," I looked at Brent in a haggard and sleep deprived way and said,
"Do you mind if we make a new rule where only Amarys can sleep wtih us?"
And he looked back with the same haggard look and said,
So we made a new rule.  Ayden complied immediately.  Riley however....
He's persistent, lets just say.  Whew.  I decided he could night wean after 3 years as well as keep to his own bed til morning, but he's just not quite on board with the whole thing and not too sure when morning really IS.  So this is what happens;
Sometime in the wee hours Riley wakes up and wanders in noisily whining for milk.  This wakes up Amarys, who immediately wants to nurse.  I nurse her while Riley whines in bed beside me, or while Brent works hard to settle him back in his own bed (a process that costs at least half an hour of sleep).   If I nurse Riley I can no longer sleep through it so it costs me about half an hour of sleep, which is part of why i want to night wean him now.
After nursing, and with all the commotion, Amarys decides its time to wake up and play, so she lies between Brent and I and YELLS for an hour or two.

[I'm going to die sitting here percolating in dog breath.  Seriously, the dog is TEN FEET AWAY.  WHY CAN I SMELL HIM?!]

No.  I'm not pregnant.  It's not pregnancy nose.  Although Brent better hurry up and get fixed or we'll be looking at five kids in our bed while we sleep in a tent in the backyard to get away from them all.

Ever wondered how parents go insane?  Baby and toddler tag teams.  Woah, Nelly.

This, too, shall pass....


Rachel Clear @ Clearly Speaking said...

Wowsa, sista. And I thought I was experiencing some sleeping woes. This one takes the cake. All cakes. Seriously.

But. It IS a cute picture to think of all of you snuggled in there, snug as a bunch of bugs in rugs.

Tamie said...

This too shall pass, indeed. Hang in there! Take yourself on a coffee date. Laugh. Tell Brent to get fixed and make sure to have plenty of sex. Easy for me to say, I know.


Caryn Ouwehand said...

Holy shit.


But seriously, when I read that I got tired.

Oops, I should be supportive...

And it will pass.

Momma Jorje said...

I feel ya! Just being pregnant with a 2yo and having my milk all but dry up... its been stressful for LO & me both. She's had to (try to) learn new ways to go to sleep. She has been staying up EXTRA late & waking a LOT more... I can only guess it is related.