Monday, September 5, 2011

Photo Illusrations of My Life Lately



Fruits for winter toast

Terrible photo but best 'before' I could hair was nearly to my waist


Porch dinners~best part of summer

Toddler ruins ring photo

My ring is three tulips with diamond centres, and you can't totally
see it but the shape of the ring itself is a large tulip.
Tulips are my favourite flowers.

Latest crochet project~a dragon for Amarys.
It has a rather long tail that she likes to munch on

My latest doula-ee, Brayden Alexander, posing here
with the crocheted caterpillar I made for him, with love

With his birthday money my three year old, true to form,
bought himself a set of pink and purple My Little Ponys

My aunt Lynne made this dress for me when I was little;
it didn't make it into the heirloom dress edition but
it should have.  Amarys wears this a lot, it suits her!

Toddler nursing in action


melissa said...

1. I'm totally jealous of those luscious apricots and your jam skills. Yum!
2. Love the hair, and your ring is awesome!
3. Amarys' dress is super adorable ... and how you manage to crochet things, make jam, doula, and take care of your family, all so gracefully, is beyond me.

I could say more, but I'll end the gushing sesh there. Suffice it to say that I enjoyed the photos!

Rachel Clear @ Clearly Speaking said...

Great photos! Man, you should post photos more often.

Louise Chapman said...

I've seen a lot of wedding rings in my time and I have to say yours is so suited to you, I love it. Meant for you. Tulips. Perfect. Awesome. Love the pics too and wow, your hair looks awesome!

melissa said...

thanks ladies!! i realy should post photos more often...

Jen said...

I remember that ring. I remember seeing it when I met you for the first time right after you and Brent were engaged. You guys came to A's parents' house. Do you remember that? I actually thought your name was Mona. Oh and yeah, you're ring is really special, I love it. I'm SO glad you have it again.

I love your new hair!