Monday, May 30, 2011


Seriously?  SERIOUSLY?  NO COMMENTS?!!  Except from my mom.  People.  Who can read a post with photos of bringing baby home and not comment?  Oh, I know.  Nobody saw this post yet, nor my blog changes.  INFANT HUMAN IN YELLOW DUCK SLEEPER, folks.


So I got a Kobo reader for Mother's Day, like I mentioned before.  And I just can't get over it, it's so awesome.  I'm reading Waiter Rant for book club and I really love it.  And the book cost me only $8!  GO KOBO!  Rock on!
Today was hilarious.  I stayed up too late reading Waiter Rant so I actually felt whoozy all day from lack of sleep.  Which is a weird aside; since Amarys was born I feel whoozy a lot.  Its like feeling dizzy but without the spinning.  And like orthostatic hypotension without the black.  It kind of freaks me out but seems like a hypochondriac symptom so I've been ignoring it.  You know how when you are tired enough it feels like you're running underwater all day?  It was like that.  We took the older kids to school and stayed for parent reading with Matthew.  Riley is getting to the age where he's opinionated enough to argue over which book Matthew chooses, which frequently causes problems.  But Matthew is getting slower and slower to settle into his classroom and choose a book, so today's conflict was mitigated by Matthew taking so long to hang up his backpack and put his lunch away that I was already finished Riley's pick.  Le sigh.  Matthew and school.
I took Riley to Strong Start again: awesome again!  This is an awesome answer to the toddler whiney clingy routine.  I almost fell asleep breastfeeding on the couch.  They have this quiet corner for nursing babies and the whoozy and the lack of sleep mixed with the oxytocin nursing rush nearly did me in.  Fortunately I didn't fall off the couch or suffocate my baby with my voluminous boobs, and I managed to run around during gym time and kick balls and play hockey with a sleeping baby in my ergo.  This is how we ROCK IT!
Riley loves Strong Start but it tires him out so from the minute we left the classroom he was a grouchy bear.  I lost Amarys' soother somewhere between the classroom and our home so she was a grouchy bear, too.  And then, and THEN, I used up the last DIAPER!  She pooped and pooped and pooped today; of COURSE it was pooping day when we were running out of diapers.  I fabricated a diaper out of a flannel receiving blanket and diaper cover, but we had to pick up the older boys before going to get more diapers.
Washing ones own means you just toss some in the washer when you run out.  Disposables means you drive to Wal Mart with four kids and a soggy baby!

Ayden wasn't cranky, he was uber goofy, which made me cranky.  Okay, crankier.

Dawdle, doodle, the kids were sooooo slooooow walking home and Riley was still a bear!  We loaded into the van and off to Wal Mart we went.
The cashier asked me

He's cute (points at Matthew).  Are you looking after him?

My infant is shooting poop out the gaps in her flannel blanket diaper, Matthew's stealing gum from the display and trying to get away with it, and Ayden is rocking the cart with Riley in it.  I can't think of anything politically correct to say that doesn't make my adopted kid feel like a third thumb.

Nope.  He's adopted.

Really?!  Good for you!  He's so cute.  My friend has three biological kids and then adopted fourteen kids after that.  You're wonderful.  You're just getting started!  He's awfully sweet, you are so lucky to have him.

Yes we are...

You make it look easy.  You're doing a wonderful job.

Thank you, you have no idea, thank you.

I was a sweaty mess with frizzy hair and baby poop on my shirt, but that lady made my day.

Oh, and I forgot to buy Amarys a replacement soother while we were in Wal Mart so she was freaky cranky until Brent came home and offered to go buy her another one.  Riley was wailing

Me want miiiiiiilk!!!

Matthew was scratching his name into his bedpost, and Ayden was practicing gymnastics in the bathroom.  Or something.  Something that turned a routine trip to the bathroom into an epic crash which resulted in an eight year old tangled up in the shower curtain, lying in the bathtub and the explination

I just tripped.

You tripped and fell INTO the bathtub?  This kid is a colossal klutz.

You know how lactivist I am, but I'm a big fan of the soother.  In fact, I'm soaking my breasts in vinegar water as I type this to fend off the painful yeast infection I'm battling and I KNOW that soothers and repeat yeast go hand in hand but I'm thanking heaven for the invention of the soother.

Although you know, Amarys is a whole new baby now.  She doesn't cry nearly as much, she smiles and laughs and gurgles at her brothers and us, and she is so much fun to have around.  I still can't eat broccoli, cabbage, onions, garlic, yogurt, milk, cheese, ice cream, or fish crackers but as long as I don't, and as long as she sleeps enough and nurses every three hours or so, she's content.  She just went through a growth spurt so now she has a tubby belly and extra chunky thighs, and she doesn't fit her 3 month clothes anymore.  She's awesome.
She's bald on one half of her head so she's sporting the baby combover.
She's gorgeous.


Louise Chapman said...

I'm reading, I promise! Sorry I don't comment every time:) Your trip to Walmart sounds like my idea of the highest stress thing you can do, yikes!

I love reading your blog, always. Do you think you would maybe want to make the top picture a little smaller? I just know that so many people love reading what you have to say and it's a bit harder to navigate with a huge photo there.

I'm looking forward to bringing Koeen to Strong Start, just waiting for healthiness to take over our household:)

melissa said...

I'm a dolt at editing photos so I don't know how to make the picture smaller: I clicked on "Shrink to fit" when uploading it but that was what I wound up with. Any advice?
I like the photo there! But I did want it smaller...

Louise Chapman said...

Dude, I love that picture too! Hmmm...when you press `shrink to fit' it should. You might have to go into html and change header size but not sure if you're a fan of that:)
Oh well, leave it big. It's beautiful.

Caryn Ouwehand said...

I'm reading too. I loved all the photos!

The coming home photos are so cute. Sorry I am getting lazy with the comments.

Jen said...

Okay, I'm busted. I did see that 'coming home' post and actually thought I commented then realized I didn't. My excuse? Distraction from 2-yr-old.

This post made me Laugh Out Loud. I love you having four kids. 1. You are super good at it and yes you DO make it look easy and 2. It makes for funny blog posts! You rock.

I took a long lapse from blogging so I have no idea what you've posted over the past two months but I'm back at it!

Tonya said...

I usually read and comment, but have been out of town for a week and now have out of town company. Life will get back to something more normal next week. Love the new picture! Great colors!