Sunday, May 8, 2011

8 Years Old!

Ayden is EIGHT YEARS OLD today!!  Unbelievable.  How time flies!

8 years old
46 lbs
as tall as my shoulder
(very technical, I know)

Ayden is a remarkable kid.  He's funny and energetic and outgoing, full of enthusiasm and imagination.  He has a serious side too, interested in world events, the environment, social justice, and how the world works.  He has a deep sense of empathy.  He very naturally follows rules and guidelines, once he understands why they are in place.  He wants to be an entymologist when he grows up [which is a bug scientist], because he loves bugs and so that he can work in the Victoria Bug Zoo and be surrounded by exotic bugs all day, every day.
He also told me yesterday that when he gets married he will pay someone else to go to the wedding for him, because he'd 'probably rather do something else that's more interesting.'

writing stories
telling stories
telling jokes
riding his bike
cuddling his sister
admiring all babies
reading to Riley
wrestling with Matthew
watching movies
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
late night snacks
mommy's applesauce
all of his grandparents
all of his cousins
all of his aunts and uncles
bugs, bugs, bugs

being told what to do
getting up in the morning
getting dressed
going to the bathroom (chronic hopper, wiggler, or sit down to hold it in-er)
eating, especially food, and most especially lunch food, and most especially any food we send in his lunch at school


lori said...

Happy birthday, Ayden! And happy first birthing-baby day, Melissa! I got a kick out of your shock that he was a boy and loved the image of him lying in your arms blinking..and being awed over your capacity to nourish a child with your body. Having a first baby really feels like a total sci-fi experience, from feeling them wiggle around INSIDE you to having them come out and grow bigger off milk from your body. What the?!! They can't make up stuff like that.

Hope your mother's day has been super special.

nancy said...

His comment re his wedding makes me think he's sharing a few genes with his uncle chad!

Rob-o-SE-yo said...

Happy birthday, young man! Three more years till you get your letter from Hogwarts!