Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

Soooo, I was shooting for delivering on valentines day, because who doesn't want a baby on the day of love? But things are looking pretty noneventful around here in that department today, so likely not.
Last night I was thinking I might be in early early labour, I had lots of contractions, more painful and regular than my annoying ones I've been having off and on this ENTIRE PREGNANCY, and some nausea. But I wasn't convinced, you know? I didn't have the nesting burst of energy, I didn't have any signs/symptoms, and I just didn't feel like I was. We sure as shizzle aren't ready! I still have to launder baby clothes, pack for the hospital, write my birth plan, install the carseat....
But I texted some labour support people to give them a heads up, just in case. We went to Brents' parents' place for dinner and the contractions stopped during dinner. Then after a few hours, they started again. Then we went home, and they stopped after I went to bed. Since then, nothing. Just early practice stuff.

Yesterday I made cookies! We were actually quite productive yesterday. Brent and his dad and uncle installed an exterior door between our house and garage~the original owners (or somebody along the way) put an interior door there, which is against code and VERY drafty, and allows exhaust fumes in the house. We don't park in the garage (YET) but the draft is a huge issue. HUGE. The kids don't like to play in our playroom because it's so cold! Anyways, exterior doors are larger and have larger frames than interior doors, so this required some gyproc removal and ripping out of studs, etcetera. Very manly work. Oh, and it required moving a light switch a few inches to one side to accomodate the larger door. That took all day.

Meanwhile I baked. The day before I had sorted through our infant clothes so I was at least begun that project! Ayden volunteered me to bake cookies for his class valentine's day party so I decided to double a sugar cookie recipe and make homemade frosting. I burnt the first 48 cookies. Good grief. Totally burnt, NOT salvageable. Luckily I had doubled that recipe in order to bring some to Brent's parents' place that night, so theirs got tossed and Ayden's class got the rest of them. I even took the time to roll out the dough and cut them in heart shapes, all that energy went in the garbage can! Argh. The frosting was sure nice, though. I used Martha Stewart's Buttercream Frosting recipe. YUMMY. I had a taste or two: how else would I know it was the right balance of butter and icing sugar? My BG was fine because I kept the tasting to a minimum. I took pictures. When my camera cord shows up, I'll post pix.

The boys were happy to receive a cookie for dessert after breakfast this morning: a first in their lives, since breakfast dessert is obviously not common. =D I decorated their cookies with gummy hearts and the school ones with sprinkles. Matthew asked, "Why did we get double hearts?" And I said, "Because I love my boys twice as much as any other mom in the whole world!" They loved that.

Happy valentine's day!

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ms emili louann said...

YOUR CAMERA CORD TOO? What is UP? I think both our camera cords got together and headed for South America. Geesh.

:) Sorry no V-Day babe. Soon, soon!