Friday, July 9, 2010

Pet Peeve

Our neighbours are mostly young families, and some retired couples. But one new-this-winter neighbour two doors down from us (connected to our building) drives me BATTY. He's in his twenties, single, has two roomates and a live in girlfriend, grows pot in his crawlspace, and has parties every weekend. Girls leave their townhouse doing the walk of shame every Saturday and Sunday morning. The music is loud. They don't fit with the rest of the neighbourhood. But the absolute worst thing? WORST THING? They SMOKE. Their friends SMOKE. Their parties are full of bloody SMOKERS. They smoke cigarettes, cigars, and pot. The most frequent thing they smoke is pot. This IS B.C. after all, I guess. But FUCK! I hate pot. I HATE IT. I hate its existence, I hate its smell, I hate the complacent, pot-is-harmless, pot-is-funny, pot-does-no-harm attitude of almost every resident of this province. I hate it the most when thick clouds of pot smoke fill my children's bedroom at night, for hours on end, when it's too hot to keep the windows closed.



lori lls said...

But most irritatingly of all, does it give you morning sickness?!?

:) :) :)

No, I am sorry to hear of your potty neighbor. That kind of thing makes me wonder if some people just don't think about how their lives affect everybody else, particularly those in close quarters to them, or if they simply don't care. Also, is "the walk of shame" a noticable waddle, like they've been way too busy all weekend, or do they leave with their faces downcast, or is that just an expression? Because it's funny.

Breanne said...

Excuse my french, but I fucking hate smoke. We have the exact same thing living RIGHT next to us. And they have a baby. Losers.

tamie said...

I'd love it if you did a whole post on why you hate pot, and what's bad about it. Oddly, I am entirely under-informed about the drug.

Tonya said...

Is pot legal there? Sorry, that's my only thought. :-)

Caryn Ouwehand said...

Are these douche bags aware that a POLICE OFFICER lives 2 doors down from them?

What idiots.

Brent should knock on there door next time you smell it wearing his uniform.

Dumb Skanky Chicks and their Pot-Smoking Boyfriends making baby's room smell like weed.

Rachel Clear said...

Oh no. I love pot.

I mean, I don't smoke it, but it has so many great uses.

Like Tamie, I would LOVE for you to write a post about why you hate it so much!

I mean, used as your neighbors are using it, I would hate it too.