Friday, February 26, 2010

Bullets again

-Last night was one of the worst night shift styles: one call, then a half hour to return to the station and just get settled and drift off to sleep, then another call, then forty five minutes to return and drift off to sleep, and then again...
So, no deep sleep, but a recipe for sleepiness. It's better if (a) it is so busy I don't have time to get tired, or (b) it's dead quiet so I can sleep at least a few hours.

-I got in a mini scrap with a nurse last night. She's a repeat bitch offender. I was PISSED! She's a power tripper and exceedingly negative person. She's the one who told me, "You are a really poor historian" a few months ago when I had this stroke patient who was a poor historian and had a wife who knew nothing about his medical history. Isn't that weird? As if you wouldn't know what medical problems your spouse has, or what medications he takes? I made a joke and this nurse acted as though I had said what I said in all seriousness and yelled at me, "Did you ACTUALLY just say that to me? That is SO INAPPROPRIATE!" I can't even remember what it was I said, but it was the friendly type of joke one would easily make with a coworker, you know? So I laughed at her and told her to calm down and that I was joking, which did wonders for her mood, and said, "You don't want to joke around? Fine. This is me being dead serious. You don't want to joke around, I won't joke around anymore. But that was a joke, there is no way I would say that in all seriousness." Suddenly she was busy with her paperwork and ignoring me. Nice. I thought later I should have called her on taking my joke seriously; she has more social intelligence than that, and I KNEW she knew I meant it as a joke and was pretending she didn't so she could act offended. I want to slap her bitchy face in my memory. Does that ever happen to any of you? The desire to slap the memory of someone's face?

-I had that weird experience that happens when you work two night shifts in a row: on the first night shift, after midnight, the date on your documentation changes. Then you go home, go to sleep, get up, go back to work, and it's still the SAME DATE, which feels WRONG. It makes that day seem like the longest day in history, much like traveling long distances East on an airplane. The day just keeps going and going...

-I drove home, fell into bed, and DIED. For three hours. Then it was time to get up and throw on some clothes and put my unwashed, uncombed hair into a ponytail and go help in Matthew's kindergarten classroom for their 100 Days of Kindergarten party, which I had volunteered for a month ago.

-The party was so cute it woke my foggy brain up.

-Then I drove home and Brent met us at the front door, so no chance to wash my face or comb that dirty hair, and we immediately left to take the bus/skytrain to Vancouver for a final Olympic immersion. This time it was raining, so not as comfortable, but warmer. And we were better dressed this time. We avoided pavilions and houses and mainly walked around to see what there was to see. We got caught up in the pre hockey game crowd which was hilarious, to see people with painted faces and red and white wigs and huge noisemakers en masse. We walked to the Russia house but it was closed except for the store, which I had seen in Whistler and been bummed by the prices. $80 for a t-shirt? Methinks not.
We wandered around the harbour, looking at inukshuks and rock piles, and the boys built piles of their own. Then we found an open air market with tons of different ethnic foods and jewellery and art and crafts; such cool stuff. We bought some things, ate some dinner (I had butter chicken, spicy chick peas, fennel rice, naan, and bubble tea--yay Taiwan, where bubble tea was invented!! And where I was introduced to it!), and wandered up Robson Street to Granville, where there were some wicked street performers. We happened to be close to the corner of Granville and Robson when the Canadian men's team won the hockey game tonight, and the NOISE and CHEERING and YELLING and DANCING and MOBS and MOBS of people that spilled onto the street were amazing to be a part of. Amazing! I'm so glad we went down today, later in the day than last time, wandered around, and happened to be smack in the middle of the action and energy totally by accident. What an experience! That was a pretty cool energy to be a part of. Go, Canada!

-We took the West Coast Express back, which the boys got a big kick out of. By this point, Riley had skipped his nap and was two hours past bedtime, so you can imagine the state he was in!!! Holy crap. But it was very fun to ride the real train, and a lot faster and more comfortable than riding the sky train or bus. Also more expensive. But I think it may be a viable option for me if I go to UBC, because it is fast and efficient and a grand total of five minutes from my house, now that the new Golden Ears Bridge is open. The bridge has a toll, parking costs $2, and the train is nine dollars one way. But a monthly pass for the train and a transponder for the bridge make those cheaper, and a few transfers after getting downtown and I could be at UBC faster than if I drove, without the headache of traffic. I could even do homework on the train. How cool is that? It rarely works out in Canada that public transportation is more efficient than driving. The price would be comparable to driving also, what with parking and gas and wear and tear on my car.

-I just might die again tonight. I'm that tired. I finally got a shower though, at eleven when we got back. :) And combed my hair.


Asheya said...

hey, just wanted to let you know I'm reading. I don't have internet at my house anymore, so I'm opening your blog page and then carting my computer home with me to read it. So I can't really comment on the posts as I'm reading, but I'm thinking about you.

Breanne said...

I heart your blog. :)

Caryn Ouwehand said...

Way to set Bitchy nurse into her place. What a spaz. I freaking hate it when people act all offended at innocent things done to them in fun, when they are incredibly offensive in their everyday interactiond and with the constant mean-ness coming out of their pie-holes.

Tamie said...

Yay for public transportation! Yay for you being a super human. I get tired just *reading* about your life, although I suspect I could do it if I had to. But wowsa, woman. Boo for the lameass stupid bitchy nurse. Yay for you standing up to her. And yay for getting caught up in the middle of hockey excitement! I love that kind of stuff and I bet it was a total blast for the boys. Yay!!!