Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Surgery went well

Thank you for your prayers! Ryen's surgery went well. He is home now. Sara responded to your comments regarding my last post, but I will repeat what she said; he is well, a bit grumpy and a bit sore and a bit swollen, but well. He's a trooper. A lymph node swollen and solid the size of a jawbreaker was removed from his neck, and the lab results from a biopsy on the node will be back within a week. I will keep you posted.

Thank you all so much!



Deb said...

Wow. It's just scary to think this kind of thing can happen to babies. I've been praying, I hope the results are positive.

Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Thanks for updating so much on this. Praying for wonderful test results.

Rachel Clear said...

Hallelujah for a safe good surgery. We'll keep praying for great results.

Dana said...

So happy to hear it went well! Continuing to pray for happy biopsy results.