Sunday, September 13, 2009

Boo for misinformation

When I switched to metal water containers for my kids, it was to avoid BPA in plastics. BPA mimics estrogens in the body and can cause many ill health effects, including breast cancer. SO. I was a careful shopper, or so I thought. I bought some Klean Kanteens, which you already know about, but when Ayden hit kindergarten I figured the sippy cup top was too babyish for him, but couldn't find a store that carried the more grown up looking sport tops only. So Riley inherited Ayden's old klean kanteens, and we bought Ayden some fun Lakens, which I emailed the company about and was informed are lined with plastic, 'some' of which older models contain BPA, though I was assured it was non leaching and low levels (my am I supposed to measure or believe that?). So I returned those and found some Siggs at another store, asked the store clerk what they were lined with, and was assured they are lined with ceramic. Ceramic is a really hard type of glass so I was comfortable with that. We have used Siggs happily for about a year. Well, it turns out Sigg actually lines their aluminum bottles with PLASTIC CONTAINING BPA, so here we invested money in metal water bottles when we may as well have bought plastic (cheaper! way cheaper!) because they are lined with BPA anyways. Grrrr. I should have emailed the company instead of asking the store clerk and trusting him. Sigg is now taking back any older model Siggs and replacing them with a BPA free plastic lined water bottle, until the end of the month, free of charge.
I'm pissed.
I don't want another plastic lined bottle, I want my money back.
We bought Ayden another Klean Kanteen with a sport top, and have found a website online that sells the sport tops for $4, so we have ordered two of those for Matthew's old sippy cups. Klean Kanteen is the way to go, I've decided. No more farting around with friggin Siggs or Lakens. Stainless is the way to go. I have a fun Sigg that says "Make Love Not Landfill." It's the new, BPA free model, but what other toxins are lurking around in the plastic liner that we don't know about? Jeepers.


Dana said...

VERY annoying indeed. I am sure I read that they had a ceramic liner too. I checked into the exchange program and also with the site I bought my Siggs from (I have one of each generation). I think I might just keep and keep using the old one, based on this info:

Jen said...

Argh! Frustrating! Thanks for the info. Very good to know.