Monday, September 14, 2009

13 months!!

Today Riley is thirteen months old. I have two newsy bits regarding him to tell you before we get to the usual stats; first of all, yesterday he tried to climb our neighbour kid's bike and it fell over on him and he busted up his toe. The toenail was all black and hanging off, and the toe was red and swollen, and he wouldn't/couldn't walk on it yesterday evening. Poor baby! Today at boot camp he was visibly limping. Then at some point, I noticed the blood that was trapped under the toenail came out, and he seemed MUCH more comfortable, so maybe the pressure was the main problem. He still complains if it gets bumped, but he was running around at Ayden's soccer practice with no limp, so that is good! It was VERY cute this morning; I was showing my friend Rowenna his toe and he pointed at it, looked all sad and pathetic, and said "goo-woo, ba ba" in this very pathetic voice (obviously to elicit sympathy, which worked). SO CUUUUUTE!!!
The other bit of news is that tonight Riley did some sign language for the first time totally unprompted! He heard an airplane, looked at the sky, and moved his fist in the correct way for 'airplane,' while making the sound of a motor with his mouth. I LOVE this stage, where they use sign language to initiate conversation about things they notice or are interested in. It is awesome to see him communicate what he's interested in. We did baby sign language with our other two kids too, and found it very helpful in reducing frustration surrounding communication for that developmental period where they understand much more than they can say. And it is fun to be able to 'talk' before they can talk!

blackberry picking by the river

So. Today Riley is thirteen months old.
Weight, STILL 20.5 lbs (I wish he would hit 22 lbs already, so we could turn his carseat around!)
Height, 2 feet 5 inches

his brothers
momma milk
small dogs
other babies
hockey sticks
pine cones
sushi, including the seaweed
(I told you this kid loves food)
opening the shower door while you are in it
hot tubs
running water in sinks and tubs
creek water
dog's water dish
tickle monster
dropping food on the floor for the dog
climbing on the oven drawer to get to the stovetop
pulling hair
scratching people

diaper changes
getting dressed (except for his shoes and socks, which he loves)
lying down on his back in the water
carseat, though he is getting better at longer trips
large dogs
being put in the stroller
kisses from mommy (too busy for that business!)
feeling left behind

now can walk down stairs if holding someone's hand
communicates with sign language
makes proper car, truck, and airplane noises
uses ride on toys
can operate screw off/on tops if loose
climbs like an orangutan
can hit a ball with a hockey stick
remembers where he hid objects even a few days later (sometimes)
has invented a whole new level of 'switch nursing'--he prefers to breastfeed by having both breasts available and switching from side to side every 3 or 4 sucks, which helps me to develop better flexibility in my back ;)
can balance on one foot for 3 or 4 seconds
can walk backwards
can run forwards
dances any time he hears music
blows to cool down his food
learning to use a fork
knows how to use a spoon
waves 'bye bye' and 'hello'
sleeps well between 8:30 pm and 4:30 am--wakes to nurse about two or three times between 4:30 and 7:00, on average
orients his entire existence around trying to escape out the front or back door and running out onto the street. Where he's going, nobody knows, but he's determined to get there. Maybe he figures God sent him to the wrong family? THESE PEOPLE ARE KOOKS, YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS?! I'M NOT STAYING HERE ANOTHER MINUTE!

We love, love, LOVE you, baby Einstein!
I'm so glad you're mine.


Louise and Gary Chapman said...

He's acting like a 2 year old! Wow. What a cutie. Guess I should get on the signing...I was def. a little more on it with Kai.

Dana said...

What an accomplished little boy!! Not to mention adorable. Hugs and kisses.