Monday, May 25, 2009

Shift in attitude

Growing up, I knew what I wanted as a mom. 4 girls. Boys were weird. Gross. Icky. Mysterious. Noisy. Dumb.

I just spent an hour in my backyard this afternoon on a blanket on the grass, with three of those gross icky mysterious boys wrestling and climbing all over me, and LOVED IT. I no longer find boys icky or mysterious. Or dumb. I still find them noisy, but I like it. I am fully converted. Totally in love. Bring on the boys!

They threw shoes at my bum. They farted and laughed. The littlest one pulled my hair and tried to steal my glasses, repeatedly. The middle one slid his hand up and down my calf to feel the prickles from not shaving my legs in several days (he LOVES that). The oldest one steamrolled me. They tickled me (funny how kid tickles NEVER actually tickle). They laughed when I tickled them, or kicked them with my feet, or tossed them in the air. They threw grass in my hair. They ate candy. It was fun. If we do have a fourth, I don't think I'll even wish either way (though I asked Ayden today and he indicated that he would ONLY like another baby IF we have a girl). Boys are awesome!

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Louise and Gary Chapman said...

a. You sound SO happy and content
b. I also love having boys so much and would have it no other way. I also never imagined I would have boys as I only had 4 sisters and had no idea what boys were like as kids. They are FUN and WILD and ENERGETIC.