Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Crochet Movement

Each animal took me about 8 to 10 hours, I would guess? Once I got the hang of it, crochet was pretty easy, takes very little equipment, and is uber portable. And I really love the sense of accomplishment I get out of the finished product. And my kids LOVE them! So cool. Next up is a dog for Ayden, then a penguin for my neice. And then another toy for my neice-or-nephew-to-be (July), and then my friend Roz asked for a cat just like Matthew's! I was able to teach myself from the internet. And there are plenty of free patterns online for cute stuff! My favourite is amigurumi style, which is a tight weave. It uses more yarn but I really love the way it looks when it is finished! My friend Janet started this crochet movement~she has advanced to knitting fairly complicated toys: a prince and princess, for example, about a foot tall, stuffed, which stand on their own. She rocks my world. Since she started, I started, my friend Ro started, my cousin Sara started, and now Dana is interested...there is no knowing where this movement will end!!


Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Is there a site you can recommend online? Just have to figure out what I would need to buy to make one and if my brain is smart enough:) I used to knit, would that help?

Tania Grim said...

I go to this one website for sewing it has stuff for knitting or maybe crochet. Anyways even if you cant do any of it you would probably appreciate her work.