Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Riley is five months old today!

Riley at five months:

He is a very expressive guy. Today he was out of sorts (read: cranky as SHIT) because he had his four month shots yesterday. Feverish. Sore leg. Cranky. Stuffy nose from the tail end of his bronchiolitis last week.
The lavender essential oil did its job: we didn't need to bring in the big guns and get the nebulizer drugs! He's definitely on the mend.

In other news, some pix of our family members:

And Paige, who merely puts up with us because we feed her:

And our honorary family member, because we see her so often; La Breast Pump. I love this girl, she helps me feed my brown baby breastmilk, and relieves my fullness on days when Riley is under the weather and thus eating far less than normal! :-)


Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Beautiful family!!!

Breanne said...

Great pics as usual! PS: I love your cat and I want to steal her. :)

Caryn and Dan said...

Wow, Riley looks like his Pops in these pictures!