Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's my birthday!

I'm 31! No, I can't be. Yikes!


Janet said...

It's your birthday too? I think ALL the best people are born today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, It gets much more scary when you are at 35 because thats when you round up. hee hee, that is at the back of my mind, but so far the 30's are the best years. alyssa anderson

Dawn and Dale said...


Roboseyo said...

in Korean they say "saeng-il chukka-hamniad"

it means "birthday congratulations"

love ya, mel.

Lynne Reside said...

Happy, happy birthday Melissa - I can't believe you are 31 either. Hav
Have a great time with your cousin and kids!

Auntie Lynne