Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In Remembrance

My handsome husband was in the Remembrance Day parade today, so we went down with him to watch and I took some photos. My general take on Remembrance Day is that, while I don't fully endorse war in most situations, I DO fully appreciate the soldiers who fight in them, and all they have sacrificed. In fact I usually remember the sacrifices of everyone in times of war. Civilians, soldiers, countries, and humanity. Today, in particular, I was remembering everything Grandma Kadie lost during the second world war. A father in law, two brothers (perhaps more?), a tiny baby sibling, five years of marriage to her beloved husband, the dreams and hopes that go along with the ages between 17 and 23, and an element of innocence as to the evil potential of human nature. And beyond, because as a result of the war her family lost its farm, home, horses, country, economic stability, and trust in its nation.

Here are some pictures of the ceremony.

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tamie said...

The picture of Riley, with you in the background looking over his head, is amazing.