Saturday, November 22, 2008

Addison (not sure on the spelling!)

I'm SO sorry, in my excitement to get the boys off to school so I could go visit Torie/Sam/Addison at the hospital yesterday, I forgot my camera!!!
She's delicious!
And I was incorrect in my calculations yesterday-
Addie was born at 12:41 so Torie went from 6 cm to baby out in an hour and forty minutes!! Holy crapola! Apparantly Bennett's birth was very fast (so why she had an episiotomy, I don't know??) so they were expecting a quick delivery this time as well, which added to the frustration of being in early labour for 24 hours, I'm sure.
Addison weighs 7 lbs 12 oz, born at 12:41 a.m. on Nov. 21st (I believe I guessed the 21st in the baby pool?!).
Yesterday they were closely watching her blood sugar, waiting until it stablized before sending her and Torie home.
Addie is breastfeeding well. I changed a poopy diaper while I was there, so that is good!
Torie is tired and sore, but happy to be a mommy again!

Hopefully I didn't ruin anything for S & T announcement-wise, but I knew that the nerdettes who read my blog would be dying to know details. And for the rest of you, my friends, I'm sure you will be celebrating too!
Healthy baby girl! Hooray!

p.s. She's got lots of hair! Sam says she takes after him and looks like a gorilla, but I beg to differ. She DOES look a bit like Sam and a bit like Torie, but she's much prettier than any gorilla! You could almost make ponytails in her hair already! I'll go to visit again in the next few days when they get home and I'll REMEMBER MY CAMERA!!!!!

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Dana said...

Thanks for all the great info! I'm sure Sam & Torie appreciate you helping to spread the word so they can focus on the newest member of the family.

I'm DYING for a photo, almost dancing around with anticipation. Don't forget your camera next time!!! ;)