Friday, October 17, 2008

Stupid work and stupid human behaviour

Oh my gosh was today a gong show! And I'm only five hours into 'today' since I got up at seven and it's now noon.
Okay, two weeks ago I received a call from my boss saying I'd been subpoenaed to the Supreme Court for a call I had done several years ago. Yuck, what a pain in the ass. So there was of course the requisite kerfuffle trying to find the paperwork for that call and contacting the coworker who attended that call with me and the usual lack of helpfulness and plethora of incompetence from my employer's data processing, human resources, and upper management departments...
Thankfully my coworker did most of the legwork for that end of things. So, my subpoena stated that I was required to appear as a witness at 10:00 a.m. this morning at the Supreme Court, and if I did not show up I would be in contempt of court and charged accordingly.
So I woke up at seven, packed enough diapers/wipes/extra clothing/snacks/an extra shirt for me in case of pukenami/etc, fed myself, Riley, and Matthew (who got up, too), loaded up the car, dressed in my work uniform and drove all the way to Vancouver in the pouring rain. Thank you JESUS, Riley slept all the way down during rush hour.
I found the court house. I parked in the underground (funny detail: I parked my red 1995 Toyota Corolla with the cracked windshield we can't afford the $200 to replace next to a 2009 BMW convertible with the license plate "LITIG8R"). I got lost. A kind judge in the traditional black gown and white collar helped me find my way again. I registered, bought a bottle of water, and found my court room. Whew! Riley was starting to show signs of hunger at this point and I felt like a bit of a retard bringing my baby to court with me, but what can you do? I had no idea whether I'd be there 5 minutes or 8 hours, and I can't leave my boobs behind!
The lawyer who subpoenaed me apologized profusely and told me I wasn't needed! FUUUUUUUUUCK you have GOT to be kidding me! I guess when she called my employer she was told that I was on maternity leave and would not be available to attend, but NOBODY TOLD ME THAT!!!! My coworker rolled his eyes on my behalf. As far as I'm concerned, a subpoena is a subpoena and unless there's a threat to your life, you get your ass to court to testify to what you saw or did, maternity leave or no...but if someone else (in management in BC Ambulance Service) had a different idea they damn well should have contacted me to communicate that little tidbit. All I received was a phone call from my boss saying I had to go to court!
Reimbursement of travel costs AND being paid while in court are standard practice, but any money I earn while on Maternity leave gets deducted from my EI pay so baisicly I just wasted an entire morning of effort on nothing. Incidentally even if I'd testified it would have been effort for nothing because my coworker and I would have repeated the same information, but in court cases both paramedics are always questioned in case one remembers something the other does not. In most cases (including this one) we remember the same things. Sometimes nothing! We do so many calls that we don't always remember the exact case under scrutiny and only have our paperwork to guide us, although I did remember this particular call, which of course I can't share the details of because it's in the courts.
So, I sat down on a couch in the lobby and fed Riley, and then we went home. What a pain in the ass.


Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Oh man, that would've been sooooo mad/frustrated!!!! It would take me a while to get past that...hopefully the rest of your day was better!

nancy said...

that is disgusting! Is there anyone you can complain/yell at? once again BC amulance service burocracy screws up.
Hope you can visit Ryan Robert Cocoanut Manton soon - he is incredibley sweet and mellow. Looks so tiny after just seeing Ryley!

Deb said...

Melissa - it's sister-oseyo #3 here. I've been reading your blog for a bit. We went to TWU together, and Brent & my husband, Brad were RA's together one year.

I just wanted to let you know that you CAN make a bit of money while on mat leave. I had my first in April and I'm working part time, and can make up to $93 a week before they start deducting stuff - so look into it with EI, and find out whether you can get paid.

I enjoy your honesty, and your kids are adorable. Also - have you been watching SYTYCD Canada? Thoughts?