Sunday, October 5, 2008

Oh no, we were not done!

In further addendum, this afternoon Matthew took a poo. I guess his underwear were dirty, because he went upstairs with a bare bum to grab some new underwear out of his drawer, sat on his foot, then walked on the rug. Presto! Poop on rug. Ack.

And I made applesauce today and canned it, but forgot to put lemon juice in the second batch. Lemon juice is essential for the proper acidity to preserve canned applesauce, so I have to re-process that entire batch tomorrow. Double Ack.
Here are some cute pix, though! And these were apples from my uncle's farm, fully au natural (no pesticides), processed by me with no sugar, and these apples have never touched a particle of plastic. So this is about the healthiest food my family has ever eaten! Also: applesauce is TIME CONSUMING. Lots of finnicky stuff. Peeling, coring, mashing, etc. It was all worth it when at dessert both boys announced that "You make the best applesauce in the whole world, mommy!"
Yes. I. Do.


Dana said...

The photo of Ayden reading to a smiling Riley might be the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

NICE WORK on the applesauce!!

Tonya said...

Sounds like you just went back to work - poop, pee, puke all on you. :-) I thought you liked that kind of life? :-)

I used to make apple butter every year. Peeling, paring, coring - gag, I bought an apple peeler, parer, corer thing. Saves tons of time and the kids love to use it.

The applesauce looks so yummy!

Asheya said...

I really hope we don't get into a polysporin/green paint phase with Elias. I don't know how you cope! But you make me laugh about it when you write - isn't it the truth that being a mom is so not glamorous?!!

Just be glad your cat isn't pooping all over your carpets too. Our cat is still alive, I don't know how, pretty much the grace of God because he does not deserve to live after some of the places he has pooped. On the baby carrier for one. That was the day death almost found him. And he also likes to kill mice and leave them at the front door. What is up with that? Do we ever eat his food? That cat is seriously dangling by a thread, and I have to say that if he gets eaten by a coyote this winter I will not be too, too upset.