Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tury motter

Thank you, friends, for your words of encouragement. It's tough to slog through all the emotional turmoil that comes with adding another child to your family. Thanks for believing in helps me believe in me, which helps me not feel so afraid.

On a lighter note, two things. (1) Matthew is requesting me at bedtime regularly.
(2) Matthew said to me at dinner tonight:
"Mommy, wu tae oh wer dlash, wu woot wie tury motter!"
Translation: "Mommy, when you take off your glasses, you look like a scary monster!"
I howled. What a compliment!
Don't we all aspire to look like Tury Motters sometimes? Otherwise, the cleaned up version wouldn't be quite so special!

Here are some photos:
This poor giraffe is so ashamed of his behaviour with the hot dog last week...
I came into the kitchen this morning and found him like this...

Ayden and Matthew eating "Turries" in our backyard this evening

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