Monday, July 7, 2008


I'm afraid. I'm really, really afraid. I'm scared I won't be able to handle three kids and that I'll get all angry and screwed up and depressed again like when we had Matthew.

I just figured if I shared, you could know.
Pray hard.


Roboseyo said...

i'll pray for you.

i have utter faith in the big guy

and i have utter faith in you

thats double utter faith.

dubutter faith.

love you mel

Dana said...

Lord, I pray your peace on Melissa as she nears the end of her pregnancy. I pray that she would give all her worries over to You. Let her know that You're with her and remind her that You won't leave her side. You designed women bodies to birth babies and to raise them, and I know You will show her the way through- regardless of the challenges she may face as she journeys.

Elizabeth said...

I have felt like that.
I wish I had words of advice, it was hard for me too.

Ps I emailed you with playdate times

Dawn and Dale said...


I found it the hardest going from one kid to two. After that...I found it almost made no difference! I was ALREADY busy anyway so why not have more!!! lol ;)

I'll pray for an easy, happy baby and that he'll fit right into your beautiful family perfectly!!! :)

tamie said...

praying praying. you are loved and mucho supported. maybe i will hitchhike up to BC just so i can give you a hug. it's going to be okay, mel, and i don't say that in a minimizing way. praying.

Janet said...

Dear Melissa,

Hi! I finally went back in my comments and found your blog! I'll have to put you on my bloglines!

As for how you feel, I'm pretty sure I felt that way with EVERY kid. Each time. It's a really scary thing to face. I guess some people don't have it, but I always have had doubts as to my ability to parent another child. I think it's because we know what a big responsibility it actually is. And yet, you've done it with your other children. So you know you have the strength. And God is always there, even when you feel at your very weakest. And we are all weak at times. Anyway, I will definitely pray for you. I know that He will be with you. Trust in Him.



Tonya said...

I'm not very spiritual right now. :-) Maybe I can just make you laugh!?! My sister-in-law is prego - due same time as you. She was walking across a parking lot today and a lady - from the other side of the parking lot - yells out "Twins?" Lara just said, "no, I'm just due next month." Trust me, she does not look large at all - my belly is very close to hers in size.

Guess there are rude people everywhere.

Melisaa, you're a great mom. You will have hard days, but you've learned soooooo much from your experience with Matthew. You've grown and changed - you are not the same person. Your walk with God has grown, you are more mature, you will recognize "issues" quicker. You will do GREAT!

Asheya said...

I felt something similar before Eowyn was born. Unprepared. How am I going to do this? And then she was born, and there were some adjustments, and some difficult times, but things are evening out and we are working out how to be a family with our newest, beautiful child. I know you will find your way.