Thursday, July 24, 2008


First off, saw midwife again today!
I'm 36 weeks, plus 4 days pregnant
lost one pound:
total wt gain 28 lbs
Bp 104/68
Fundal ht 38 cm
Fetal heart rate 142
Group B Strep positive (big bummer)
Baby positioned head down, in anterior position off to my left side

I need some big prayers today. I have had a minor ear infection for 16 days...until this evening it was annoying, but not painful and I had no fever. Now it is excrutiatingly painful so that I can hardly talk, burping, hiccuping, crying, etc is even MORE painful, and I cannot think.
I would like to bite my tongue off to distract myself, that is how bad it hurts! I've taken some tylenol but I can't take anything stronger until after CB comes out. I was avoiding antibiotics (a) for CB's sake, and (b) because they can cause yeast infections.
I'M DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No I'm not, it just feels like it! Please pray for my ear! It's such a silly thing to pray for, I know. But dang does it hurt.


nancy said...

Go see your Doctor, or naturopath or midwife. You don't want to mess around with your hearing!
Your mother has spoken!
ps why didn't you say anything when we talke on the phone?

tamie said...

I will pray, my dear. Please tell us how you are doing.