Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Baby and doggy update

Okay, Monday night while I was sleeping, little Vose did a somersault and is now in the breech position. He'd better not get comfortable there, because I'm not doing that again!!! (Ayden was breech). Little Vose doesn't do somersaults often. Last time was six weeks ago. I pay close attention to his position, probably because of my experience with Ayden. I can tell where his top and bottom are by feel, and I can tell which is which by where his kicks are aimed. My ribs or sides, and he's bottom up. My bladder or cervix, and he's bottom down. Bottom up: good. Bottom down: not good. I know it's too early to worry about this now, but I'm on the alert.
Pray he doesn't stay breech.
Obviously, I want to give birth to a headfirst baby, but also it's quite uncomfortable being kicked in the bladder. Sometimes he kicks so hard I actually pee a bit. Nice.

In puppy news, we have perused the Langley Animal Protection Society and the Surrey SPCA (for my Americans, this is the Cdn equivalent to the humane society), and the online BC SPCA adoptable pets site. Most SPCA doggies, from our perusal, are large, and the majority of them are not good with small kids, or are untested with small kids. We would like a medium sized dog with short hair and a general good disposition towards small children. We also perused some other rescue pet sites. The more we look, the more we are convinced that Meelu is the dog for us. My friend who has a huge, slobbery, hairy, sweet, friendly, wonderful Husky said, "You need to know in your gut that this is the dog for you," to which I replied that it is difficult via internet video to fully determine that, but that Meelu really feels like that for us. The adoption of Meelu is also the same price as the LAPS dogs, and cheaper than the SPCA dogs of comparable age. We have emailed Meelu's rescue society with some rather specific questions regarding her personality, training, past life experience, exposure to children, actions to take if the adoption does not work out, etc. They have approved our initial application and have asked for some photos of our house, cat, and family to further determine if we are a good fit.

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Dana said...

I worried about breech too at the end of my pregnancies. Praying that little man Vose gets back to head down when it counts. And praying for peace peace peace for you.

So interesting about adopting a dog from abroad. I hope you guys find just the right puppy for you. Given all the research you're doing, I'm sure you will.