Saturday, May 17, 2008

Relaxation, batman

Yesterday we had another full blast of sunshine and 31 degree weather. I LOVE the sun, I LOVE LOVE the heat, and I hate to complain. However, some moderately warm weather, say in the low to mid twenties, for a few weeks or so, would have been appreciated to ease us into this hotness. My boys are overheating. I'm swelling up like a balloon. But I'd far rather have this weather than the ice cold spring we've had thus far!!
My payroll office messed up last week and my ROE wasn't completed or mailed to me so I couldn't apply for government maternity benefits yet. I was anxious, because there is a deadline for applying after you start maternity leave, and the application process is difficult and convoluted and their office is only open during office hours so I would have to bring the boys with me to that office since B is working days all this week and all last. Then, on Thursday I received a call from my payroll clerk letting me know that the ROE had been completed and mailed to me that day. Friday, it arrived in the mail! Can you believe it? This is Canada, people! Mail takes 4 to 7 days to move from origin to destination. Never one day.
SO! When it arrived I immediately took the boys to the employment office and filled out my application. Twenty minutes later I was done with the convoluted form that asks difficult, weird questions (the form is supposed to take an hour to fill out, but I'm a fast reader). My boys sat beside me super quiet and super good THE WHOLE TIME. I have never, ever had them act so well for a boring adult activity. Seriously, they were angels. God is good. He must have injected them with Benadryl or something, they were that well behaved.
Then we hit Wendy's for frosties (it was 30 degrees, the boys were melting!) and went to the park. And then went home to play with the water hose some more--it was a repeat of yesterday afternoon, but at a different park (for variety).
The best part was when their grandparents picked them up for a sleepover. Brent and I went on an impromptu date; White Spot for supper, and Babies R Us to browse around and dream out loud and generally get excited about another baby, and Chapters to browse the $10 or less table for some smoking good deals (4 books for $30, 2 of them hardcover and one of them written by a nobel peace prize for literature winner--hello!). And then home to watch 2 episodes of Grey's Anatomy (we have the first 3 seasons on DVD...we prefer to watch TV that way, than all drawn out over weeks and with commercials, and on someone else's schedule), and fall asleep. Now THAT is a great evening, folks. No dinner to make or clean up after, no bath, no jammies, no arguments, no negotiating, no teeth brushing, no story reading, no chaos, no tears, no bedtime. Just grown ups doing life. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Then this morning we woke up when we felt like it, and I am eating my breakfast in my bed and typing this as we speak. Heaven loves me. THIS is something I needed. I feel so freaking relaxed right now! My cousin Tonya will be jealous, won't you babe? ;-) She's got four kids and is pregnant and doesn't have grandparents who take her kids for sleepovers so she can relax. Plus, she's in the middle of moving. No fun. Sorry, Tonya--if we lived closer, I'd give you a night off for sure!
I'm going to go read a book. The kids are due back this afternoon.

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