Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Messy boys on Mother's Day

Mother's Day I had a work seminar. I'm required to take educational credits every year to maintain my paramedic license so I signed up for a seminar on safety, thinking "there's nothing going on that sunday!" and it turns out it was Mother's Day. Oops.
When I got home from my seminar the boys were playing outside. Ayden wanted to know if we had any face paint, and we had some left over from halloween. In very short order the boys looked like this:


My Mother's Day card from Ayden was too cute; on the front he actually wrote "I love you mom"

and inside he drew a picture of me with a baby in my tummy

and this was my gift

This was the most traditionally feminine gift I've ever gotten for Mother's Day. Usually I get some gadget for work, but this year I was in the market for one of these so Brent decided it would be a good gift for me. It is, definitely, as I love practical gifts and am now in the market for gadgets to adjunct my new interest in cooking. There was a food processor at Costco for $170 with a 9 cup capacity and all kinds of accesories, and the same brand at the Bay for $250 with a 12 cup capacity and even MORE accesories. So I was pondering which would be the best. One day last week I took the boys into Costco so I could look again at the size, accesories, etc, of the food processor there, and as I was looking at them and 2 degrees from buying one (as there were only 2 left and returning things to Costco is easy peasy), when Ayden said, "Hey. We already bought one of these."
I looked at him for a second. "For Mother's Day?"

So we left without one and I phoned Brent at work and told him the story.
"Uh...he's lying!"
Sure, sure.


Dana said...

I love love love the drawing of you with the baby in your belly!

Roboseyo said...

Conversation between my sister in law and my brother (as she's trying to surreptitiously assure his attendance at the surprise birthday party she's planning) - 2005 or so:

SIL: So, what are you doing next friday?
DAN: (jokingly) Going to my surprise birthday party.
SIL: How did you know?
DAN: When you said "How did you know" instead of "Surprise party? What surprise party?"
SIL: Oops.

Louise and Gary Chapman said...

I also love the card, so cute! I can't wait til Kai can draw me cute cards!

Tonya said...

I love pictures of me with a baby in my belly. We've had quite a few of those over the years! :-) So precious.

I got a Belgian waffle maker for Mother's Day. Must be the kitchen appliance year. Too cute that Ayden told you!