Sunday, May 25, 2008


Matthew was in the bathroom washing his hands and I had to go pee. As I'm sitting on the toilet he studies me for a minute and then cheerfully announces,
"Mommy, you hab redy, redy, redy, redy big bum. You no fall in! Right?"

I laughed so hard I couldn't answer him for a few minutes. It takes some courage to answer in the affirmative when your son asks you if you have a really big bum, but I managed, while wiping the laughing tears from my eyes.
He looked kind of confused, like he was wondering, 'What's so funny?' But when I affirmed that yes, I have a big bum so I won't fall in the toilet he was back to being cheerful.
"Yeah, mommy. You hab redy big bum."


Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Very funny:)

Tonya said...

Don't you love it! Seth told me I was fat the other day - or that I have a fat belly. I just laughed. Too cute that he thinks it is so you won't fall in the toilet!!!