Friday, May 23, 2008

Doggie hunting

Are we crazy? We're in the market for a dog.
In true Vose fasion, we individually mulled over the desire to add a dog to our family (particularly strange for me; I'm not the world's biggest dog has to be the RIGHT dog for me to take an favourites are my dog Amber, who lives on my parents' farm and by all intents and purposes belongs to my father but with whom I have a special bond. She loves me best. What can I say? And my other favourite is Lola. Though she lives to far away for me to really establish a relationship with, so I love her from a distance. And she's always sexually assaulting me with her nose. Have to work on that).
So after mulling it over for a few months, I said to Brent, "I've been thinking lately that it might be nice to get a dog."
And he said, "Actually, so have I!"
(this happens so often with us that it is freaky. We have e.s.p. or twin brain waves or something).
So we've been looking for something that fits our family. Yesterday we found her:

Isn't she cute? She lives in Taiwan. Another international family member (?)...We applied for her tonight. We'll see what they say. I'll keep you posted. She's 2 years old. Here's a pic of her with her best friend at her foster home:

Doesn't her buddy look uncannily like Paige, our cat? It was meant to be.

We're crazy. Yes.
But look at her!


Dana said...

She seriously lives in Taiwan? As in, you're going to fly her in? Wow!

I hope that this adoption goes really well!

Sara said...

I'm glad to know that Lola makes the list, despite the constant sexual assaults.

You know that you can get dogs locally, right? And that most SPCA's are overcrowded and desperate to adopt out dogs? And that it would probably be cheaper? Just checking.

Come visit me (and Lola - you really need to work on that relationship). I have 3 weeks left of classes and then exams and then FREEDOM.

Tonya said...

You can adopt a dog from another country? Wow. Did you want to do that or did it just happen?

I've wanted another dog for a while (our last dog died a year ago), but we just can't right now. Somehow, having our 5th kid, moving, etc seems like enough. :-)

Ed and Jenna said...

we have 3 puppies as of last week. We took our Jack Russell to visit the neighbours malti-poo. If Taiwan dog doesn't work out let me know! I have a few extras.

Cherilyn said...

Integrating an adult dog into a family with 3 small kids is not an easy task, especially when you add a cat into the mix and a very small house. Not too mention that she looks like a beagle and they are notorious for wandering and adopting bad habits if they aren't properly trained, entertained, and exercised. She is awfully cute, but I think you guys are going to have your hands full in a few months! I'm sure you could have Jasper for a few sleep overs for a doggie trial run :)