Friday, May 16, 2008

Diaper service!

Holy smokes. I just found this company today that offers cloth diaper service for an extremely reasonable price! Too reasonable to believe!!
We used cloth diapers with both Ayden and Matthew. I was in the market for some new ones for little Vose, since so many washes have worn out many of our diapers. Then I found Happy Nappy. I just may give them a try! For $23.45 a week Happy Nappy will pick up my dirty diapers, leave me a week's supply of clean ones, and wash everything with environmentally friendly soaps, no bleachs, in COLD WATER! I'm thinking that with 3 kids washing cloth diapers may be less feasible, but it's still pretty important to me. SO! They even provide the diapers. You purchase the diaper pail (optional), and then pay the $23 a week.
Check them out here if you find this in any way interesting. They offer service in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, the Lower Mainland, and starting in June on Vancouver Island. It's not the perfect diaper solution (see Elimination Communication on my friend Dana's blog, particularly because of the carbon emissions involved in the delivery aspect, but here's what I figure;
-with three kids I need to be realistic. Either my cloth diaper use gets compromised or I'll have to re work my cloth diapering system (ie, if I have to wash them myself, which I'm happy to do, it will get done less often and baby will be in disposables more often)
-diapers at the service are prob. washed en masse, so higher carbon emissions produced by delivery vans are partially offset by the reduced number of washes done by washing machines (and in cold water; I always did mine in warm)
-their delivery vans are diesel, slightly fewer emissions and less refinement involved.
-I'd also like to try some Elimination Communication myself, and reduce the number of diapers used overall. I'll see how it works with 3 kiddos!

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