Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Guitar update

Woohoo! I have: taught myself the names of the strings (EADGBE~I did that without looking), learned to tune my guitar, learned to thread a new string, AND today I taught myself my first chord. C Major. Some things I've observed about learning to play this instrument are that my hands are TINY and not very strong. I have to stretch and do finger gymnastics to get my fingers to reach the different spots, and it is hard for me to hold down more than one string at a time. I also don't really know the 'proper' way to hold the guitar, but not sure if there is one? Violin is very specific, even down to the way your feet are positioned and where your elbows point. Also, it hurts to hold down the three strings required for C Major for more than one strum. I'm so proud of picking this thing up and taking the first steps, though, that the pain is worth it! Tonight I really needed to do something that I didn't HAVE to do, like work, or bathtime, or clean up toys, or empty the dishwasher, or sweep, or make a grocery list, or exercise, so I decided to put that NEED TO DO list off to the side for an hour and teach myself a chord and fart around tuning and re tuning my guitar because the G string doesn't stay in tune for 5 whole minutes. I'm glad I did because I needed something fun and new that would take my mind off being lonely and having a long NEED TO DO list.

If you all could remember to pray this week that I get a full time position before Friday, that would be great! If human resources doesn't call by Friday, I will have to wait until at least November (deadline each month is the 15th). My kids can't wait that long, I can't wait that long, the cat can't wait that long (she's tired of missing meals while I'm gone~I give her extra but my cat is FAT AS A COW and eats all her extra food the first day and dies the second day of hunger...I recently switched back from my $30 a bag diet food to $3.99 a bag regular food because it makes no difference. She eats her carefully measured metabolism stimulating diet food, then goes outside and IMMEDIATELY beelines it to my neighbour's back porch to 'supplement' her diet with our neighbour's cat's food. Hence, fat cat. I tried. I give up. Maybe we'll be posted in a rural community and we'll buy a farm and she'll get skinny chasing mice she never catches, and living far away from Muffin's food dish.)

Yay C Major! Please please please full time position!


Roboseyo said...

Your cat travails are amusing.

maybe i should start chasing mice. i'm trying to make my fat tummy go away.

I will pray for your full time position.

and i wanted to say thanks for being the most consistent commenter on my blog posts. love you mel.


Dana said...

Will specifically pray for the full time position!

Nice work on the guitar! I've had one for 15 years and haven't much gotten past G major (a very nice chord, btw). I get sore and discouraged. Silly me.