Friday, May 18, 2007

Story Time

Once upon a time there was this little girl named Melissa. When she was 8 and 9 and 10 years old, she used to watch this show called "Rescue 9-1-1" on television, and she would make her brother watch it too. He didn't like watching the scary parts or the bloody bits, but she made him watch it anyways. It was a show about 9-1-1 emergency calls with reenactments of the medical emergency involved, and the heroic response of the paramedics and/or firefighters involved. Often there were reunions of the dispatcher, paramedics, and patients on the show. It was very cheesy and sentimental, but, boy did Melissa love that show!
When she got older Melissa thought she might like to be a paramedic as well, but she wasn't sure. Most paramedics were men. She wanted to go to university, but you couldn't study paramedicine at university. She wasn't sure it was the job for her. So, she studied a few other things, travelled a bit, and tried to decide on a career that would be satisfactory. When she was 19 she took an industrial first aid course to boost her resume for summer jobs, and because it looked fascinating. When she was 21 she got a summer job as a first aid attendant, and she got hooked. 'THIS is what I want to do for a job,' she said. So, she applied to become a paramedic.
Once she was hired, the ambulance service offered to train her more, and she jumped at the chance to learn more fun life saving stuff! Then, she had a baby. So she had to drop out of the training they offered her. It was sad, but her baby was definately worth it!
Three years later they offered to train her again! She jumped at the chance again! And a long year and a half after beginning, and hundreds of hours of studying and practising and lectures and exams she finally, finally finished. A tiny bubble of an idea that started when she was eight was now a reality. And boy, was it FUN!


LouiseandGary said...

I also loved Rescue 9-1-1! Whenever I was out doing something I would always imagine a story line with me in it, `Louise was out riding her bike one friday evening with her sister...'. Way to fulfill your dreams!

Dawn and Dale said...

YEAH!! Congratulations!!!

I too was addicted to RESCUE 911!! I had forgotten all about that show till you spoke about it here!!

Good for you to not give up!!