Friday, May 18, 2007


Have you heard of Tsunami? Flooding? Volcanoes? We had something akin to a natural disaster this morning in our house. We call it, a poonami.
Matthew got up an hour or so before anyone else in the house (I guess the morning wanderer has not completely left the building), and since he is now toilet trained and sleeps in his underwear, he felt the need to go. He came downstairs to use his little plastic potty in the living room (don't ask me why the four other toilets in the house were not satisfactory, nor why he didn't come ask for help), but unfortunately the removable bowl of the potty had been removed and left in an alternate location the day before. I can imagine his consternation as he was at his wit's end as to how to locate said bowl before his poop made an appearance! He didn't. It was quite a runny poop, really. I guess he then didn't know what to do, because his footprints covered the entire 700 square feet of downstairs laminate flooring (thank you, thank you, thank you that we have laminate floors). You could track him to the front window, the couch, the toybox, Brent's backpack where he helped himself to some crackers, the kitchen, the table, the back door, the other couch, etc. Then the footprints (though much less poonamish at this point) went up the carpeted stairs, down the carpeted hall, and into the carpeted playroom, where he sat down.
Brent discovered this at 7:50 a.m. and he has to leave to catch the bus at 8:00. Guess who got to clean up the poop? You guessed it. It took me an HOUR AND A HALF because it was all dried and caked on at this point, and because it covered approximately 900 square feet of our house. This morning I earned the right to have him clean my butt when I am old and feeble. I will be living with him and he will be changing my diapers. Period.
This situation was howlingly funny and I just had to share it with you. Tonight before we go to bed I will be checking to make sure that stupid bowl is in the potty! I may even place it outside his bedroom door!

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