Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A day at the park

We had a fabulous sunny day yesterday, and took advantage of it at a nearby park, which we call "the train park" because a fairly busy pair of train tracks run very close to the park, and every visit we get to watch 3 or 4 trains pass by. Matthew is in seventh heaven while we are there! Here is Ayden on the jungle gym.

Of course, on our way there Matthew konked out in the stroller, so he slept through the first twenty minutes or so. Then I woke him up so he wouldn't miss out on all the fun, and it took him five or ten minutes on the swing to wake up enough to want to play. Just as I let him down to run off and burn some energy, Ayden pipes up "Mommy, I peed" in a very forlorn voice, and I look over and yes, he has peed all over his shorts, socks, and shoes, and by this point he is so well toilet trained that I never bring spare outfits anymore. Hmmmm, what to do, what to do. Did I mention that it was only a few degrees above freezing? Oh yes, don't let the sun fool you, it was frigid. (don't let the shorts fool you either--Ayden picks out his own clothes and pays no regard for the weather, and hates wearing his jacket so in the photos he's hopping around in short sleeves and shorts, but do not be fooled).

This photo is post-pee. I stripped him of everything on the bottoms, put Matthew's spare diaper on him, popped him in the stroller and put his jacket over his goose bumpy legs. Voila! Oh, and I put his hat on his head for good measure. Matthew was happy to walk home, as this next photo attests. Hooray for moms with quick and creative problem solving! I just had to laugh.


Dawn and Dale said...

Hello Melissa and Brent!!

I'm Dawn and I found your blog via "AUSSIE" via "RYAN'S HOCKEY BLOG" (Ryan is my best friend, Char's husband!) lol Crazy enough of a route to get here??!!! lol

Anyway, I wanted to send a HUGE congratulations out on your adoption!! It captivated me to read your blog since we are in the middle of a China adoption right now.



Dawn and Dale said...

Oh and you must live FAR away from me in Canada as you have grass and NO SNOW in your park pictures!!! ;)

LouiseandGary said...

Hey these colourful photos of your boys!

Aussie said...

Why that's might nice of you. We used to make Brent walk home. Even though he did have his driver's license...